Searching For A Good Research Paper Intro Template

At one point in the course of your student career, you will be required to write a research paper, especially at higher academic levels like college or university. This can be a daunting and frustrating task if it’s your first time to come across such a task. You have to include all the essential parts of a research paper from the introduction, literature review, results and conclusion. However, the introduction can be one of the most challenging parts because it not only introduces the topic and the thesis statement, but it also sets the tone of the entire paper. Due to this reason, it pays to look at a couple of introductions to see how it should be crafted and what should be included. Here are some suggestions on where to look when searching for a good research paper intro template.

  • Library
  • The library is always a good place for searching academic information. You can begin searching for a good research paper intro template in your college library. All you need to do is find the section where academic papers are located within the numerous shelves. Most college libraries usually keep a vast collection of excellent academic papers that have been written by previous scholars. You can ask for assistance in finding these papers from the library staff. Once you find the section, look for academic papers that are related to your discipline of interest and use them as a template or to see what should be included in the introduction section.

  • Online Journals
  • Another great place to find an intro template for academic papers is in online journals. These web-based resources also keep vast collections of academic papers from a wide range of disciplines. You can search according to author, titles, subject and discipline. However, these resources are not free and you have to pay a certain fee to access them. Alternatively, most colleges have subscribed to these resources. You can talk to a staff member in your department and they will provide you with access passwords to a number of online journals.

  • Supervisor
  • Another alternative when searching for a good research paper intro template is to talk to your teacher, instructor or professor. These people are always very knowledgeable about academic information. Additionally, they willing and ready to help students with their academic work. You can talk to them and they will refer you to valuable resources where you can find the kind of template you need.