What Does A Chicago Style Research Paper Look Like: Things To Remember

The Chicago style research paper looks similar to most of the other style of papers except for a few things. The first thing to remember is when you are given the work to complete, do not stray from any instructions by your professor. Here are some things to remember when you are creating a paper in the Chicago style citation format.

The cover page

There are a couple ways of formatting the cover page. The thing that seems to vary is the spacing. One style has the information double spaced all together. The practiced format is to put the title a third of the way down the paper. Go down nine clicks of your spacer and put your name. The bottom of the cover page should have course, professor’s name, and then the date.

The standard style of writing is New Times Roman with 12 font size. The titles are to be the same size as the rest of the body. There is no page number or name on the cover page.

Footnote and Endnotes

The paper contains footnotes and endnotes. The footnotes are named for the location of the citation which is at the bottom or foot of page. The endnotes are cited on page next to bibliography. These notes are ideas that are not your own. The bibliography page is similar to the reference or work cited page as far as information. When citing work that is in succession with an author all that is needed is ‘Ibid’ instead of writing out rest of author’s information.


The bibliography page is the standard set up with arranging the information with the work set up in alphabetical order of the author’s last name.

Anyone that has written any number of styles of papers will find that this style and format are easy once they are familiar with it. It is definitely not a hard format to put down correctly on your paper. My research noticed that depending on the writer, the cover page varied on the location of how to space the information.

If there are questions or problems go to the Chicago Manuel, Writing Center, or Research Assistance Desk. Here is a great website, (insert your website here) to get all the information you need. Getting familiar with the format will help improve the body each time it is written. The same principle goes in writing any style of paper.