23 Excellent High School Persuasive Research Paper Topics

If you are searching for 23 excellent high school persuasive research paper topics, then review the list below but remember that these are only intended as guidance for you:

  1. Review why students should be allowed to bring their cell phones with them into class
  2. Review why you should have to wear uniforms to school and how that helps academic achievement for students your age
  3. Review why you should be allowed to attend college in your home state for free
  4. Write about why you should have to complete one year of service in your community or another community after high school but before college
  5. Write about why you need to be required to complete many more foreign language courses than you do at present
  6. Write about why the current legal age for voting should be reduced to 15
  7. Inform your audience about why the legal age for driving should be moved up to 21, the same as the legal age for drinking
  8. Inform your audience about why students should receive monetary compensation in high school for achieving good grades
  9. Inform your audience about why you should have to take a basic test on all basic skills in high school before you are able to graduate
  10. Explore why schools should not be allowed to sell sugary desserts or soft drinks in order to raise money
  11. Explore why schools should eliminate fried products on their menus and begin to offer salads or vegetables as side dishes and not starches as side dishes
  12. Explore why girls and boys should be allowed to play on the same sports teams
  13. Craft a paper that focuses on why P.E. grades should not count toward academic GPA
  14. Explain why co-ed classes are bad
  15. Explain why girls in high school should be allowed access to birth control in school nurses
  16. Craft a paper that focuses on why illegal music and movie downloads should not be punished
  17. Reveal why universal health care is good
  18. Reveal why gay marriage is good
  19. Craft a paper about music played at dances
  20. Craft a paper about school athletes
  21. Craft a paper on listening to music in class
  22. Craft a paper on health foods
  23. Craft a paper that focuses on school wi-fi across campus