How To Write My Term Paper Properly: Useful Instructions

  • What All Essays Share in Common
  • Every term paper is the same—it is a research paper that follows the dictates (rules) of a typical essay.

    All essays, whether they are research papers or not, follow certain rules. First, you have to have all the parts of an essay—and that is an introduction (an introductory paragraph that ends with a strong thesis statement), research paragraphs in the middle that provide lots of evidence of your thesis, and at the end, before the conclusion, a brief paragraph where you acknowledge and overcome any arguments against your thesis. For example, “Of course, those who oppose euthanasia no matter how fatally or how much pain the patient is experiencing say that euthanasia is a violation against our most stringent beliefs in God.”

  • The Parts of an Essay
  • The Introductory Paragraph – this paragraph should be full of interesting sentences that get your reader’s attention and hold it. You can give some alarming statistics, a recent event in the news that is related to your topic, or other surprising facts about your topic.

  • The Last Sentence of Your Introductory Paragraph
  • The last sentence of your introductory paragraph needs to be a thesis statement. The thesis statement accomplishes several things. It tells your reader in one, concise sentence exactly what your essay’s major argument is—it also tells the reader what you are going to prove in this essay.

  • Thesis Statements
  • For new, beginning thesis statement writers, a good idea is to use an “I” related thesis statement. This will help you to both write the thesis statement and to keep your essay on track.

    For example, “In this essay, I am going to suggest that the whole thinking around the concept of euthanasia is wrong—in reality, I believe that euthanasia is right but only in certain circumstances.

  • Evidence Paragraphs
  • Evidence paragraphs provide the necessary research to prove your thesis—to prove that you are right. Here, you would want to recount several cases of patients who committed suicide to avoid the last years of cancer. You would want to include lots of evidence that basically proves you are right.

  • Closing Paragraph
  • One trick when you have trouble with conclusions is to use something that has happened very recently that is related to your topic. Here you cannot go wrong with a recent euthanasia event that proves you are right.