100 Interesting Topics For Term Papers You Should Think About

Struggling to come up with an idea for your next term paper? Here are 100 ideas to draw inspiration from:

  1. Should abortion services be banned unless an acceptable reason is given?
  2. Does the death penalty serve as an adequate punishment for crime?
  3. How can women in other countries exercise their rights to reduce abuse on women?
  4. How can laws be changed to ensure companies operate in a more ethical manner?
  5. Do animal rights activist groups make a good point with their issues?
  6. How do you stop so many students from going into debt?
  7. Can the environmental crisis be aborted, or is it inevitable?
  8. Should the next president of USA be a democrat?
  9. How do you reduce the teenage pregnancy rate?
  10. Is the money spent on the space program justified?
  11. How can the world hunger crisis be solved?
  12. What can we learn by looking at other cultures in detail?
  13. Can we tell if there is a god without question?
  14. Do schools need more money poured into technology?
  15. Which diseases should have the most research funding and why?
  16. What technological advancements have decreased our quality of happiness?
  17. Is the internet getting too big for its own good?
  18. Can the internet be policed when its scale is vast?
  19. Are hackers in the right when they do it for a good cause?
  20. What is the number one subject missing from schools today?
  21. What can we learn about life by looking at the ancient way of doing things?
  22. What can be done to increase student engagement in schools?
  23. Can religion ever become as mainstream as it once was?
  24. Should gun control laws be made stricter?
  25. Should police officers be allowed to carry guns while on patrol?
  26. What can be done to increase recycling awareness?
  27. How does the lack of recycling negatively affect the environment?
  28. Can the water pollution problem be solved in 100 years?
  29. How can a large city make changes to provide a community feeling?
  30. Is the internet taking away the majority of our social interactions?
  31. What role can parents play in a child’s education?
  32. Does god exist, or are all religious text books the construction of man?
  33. How should diets change for better health among the wider population?
  34. As a species how can we improve our chances of survival?
  35. Should more students be encouraged to study science at college?
  36. Is sports an important expect of every child?
  37. Should kids be taught how to spend their money at an early age?
  38. Is global warming a myth, or a reality?
  39. What can be done to prevent a financial crisis in the future?
  40. How can people contribute to society on the weekends?
  41. Should incentives be provided for people to lose weight?
  42. Should health care be provided free of charge?
  43. Can the student debt problem be fixed by tax money?
  44. What is the most inefficient use of tax money?
  45. How should victims of airplane accidents be compensated?
  46. Do beauty contest have any purpose for society?
  47. Is public art an eyesore or something worth looking at?
  48. Should athletes in college be paid more for their services?
  49. How can more be done to protect wildlife around big cities?
  50. Should the cost of medical care be reduced for the less fortunate?
  51. How can we teach younger generations to avoid the mistakes of their fathers?
  52. What can be done to prevent kids from staying at home playing video games all day?
  53. Is the policy for gun control in the US too loose as compared with other countries?
  54. Should the legal driving age be lowered to 14?
  55. The latest methods for defeating cyber-crimes?
  56. Should cyber bullies be punished by the law?
  57. What features can social media websites introduce to prevent cyber bullying?
  58. What can be done to help homeless people?
  59. Should marketing of junk food in supermarkets be banned?
  60. Should laws be changed so that divorce is a lot harder to be granted?
  61. Does the internet have too much of a say on how people think?
  62. How can we reduce air pollution at a global scale?
  63. Why do so many people have such little interest in politics?
  64. Can fitness keep you healthy, or is there more to it?
  65. Why do a lot of people spend more money than they can afford?
  66. Does the regular reading of books make you smarter?
  67. How can one save money in the current economic climate?
  68. Is noise pollution getting out of control?
  69. How has the internet opened up new doors for start-ups?
  70. Should the income tax level me increased?
  71. Top things that students can do on their gap year
  72. The type of foods that should never be sold in supermarkets
  73. What can be done to spread the wealth among the population
  74. How should tax money be spent for the greater good
  75. The top news story of the decade – what’s so special about it
  76. Should more be done to provide gym equipment for office workers?
  77. How important are international relations for the economy?
  78. Are driving tests too easy?
  79. What recent public policies will not work out for the best?
  80. How can more be done to protect endangered species?
  81. Which animals need more attention to prevent them from going extinct?
  82. How food manufacturing laws should be changed to reduce contaminants?
  83. Is the food manufacturing industry slowly killings us?
  84. How can exams be modified for a person’s true intelligence to be reveled?
  85. How can children be taught to respect their elders?
  86. What is the biggest political issue of the decade?
  87. How can the rich give to the poor without wasting money?
  88. Does the presidential campaign need to be so dramatic?
  89. Do people care too much about sports?
  90. Should more be done to raise awareness about obesity?
  91. How can we reduce the rate of pollution into the atmosphere?
  92. Do kids spend too much time in front of the computer?
  93. Is social media increasing connectivity, or decreasing it?
  94. Which type of charities deserve to receive the most funding?
  95. Should exercise be encouraged during lunch hour in the workplace?
  96. What can be done to decrease the rate of debt for average person?
  97. What laws are simply outdated?
  98. What is the best thing about high school?
  99. What are the best type of day-trips for schoolchildren?
  100. What type of person should be the next president?