General Advice On How To Start An 8-Page Research Paper

If you are a student, then you understand that love-hate relationship everyone feels towards research projects. On one hand, you know that acing the academic paper will give you a great grade overall. On the other hand, the idea of spending endless hours in the library looking for the right material is not half as appealing as sorority parties and the movies. Well, if you usually have a hard time coming up with good quality papers, here are some general tips to help you come up with an 8 page paper.

  1. Understanding the topic
  2. Nothing will ruin your grade in a project like failing to understand the question that was asked before doing your paper. Take your time to synthesize the question and learn exactly what you are being asked to do before you do anything. This will help you plan your research in a focused manner. In case you do not understand the topic, ask for assistance from people that understand the work. Involve your teacher or supervisor in the process and make sure that you understand the topic perfectly before you start handling it. In case the situation doesn’t allow the teacher to make explanations, find other competent people to help you synthesize the topic.

  3. Coming up with a hypothesis/ thesis statement
  4. This is the claim that you will face your entire study on and try to prove or disprove. In case the teacher already gave you a thesis statement, it will be easy to move to the next step. On the other hand, if you have to do it on your own, make sure that you understand what makes a good hypothesis or thesis statement and what does not. Make sure that your statement elicits interests in your essay from the people that will be checking it.

  5. Doing the research
  6. Come up with a sound strategy that you will use in conducting your research. In case you do not understand the topic well, you can team up with a few friends and carry out the study together. The presence of other students will also improve on the objectiveness of the paper.

After you have finished the study, compose your paper. In order to come up with the 8 pages, you need to organize it into a sound introduction, the foreword, the main body, the conclusion and bibliography. Lastly, note that you can only achieve the 8 pages when you do thorough study.