Winning Research Paper Topics About Jobs: Expert Choice

Writing a research paper on jobs is a good way to look at things in a different way. You can see how certain job laws are helping and hurting people and you can see how the job market works. Here are just some of the topics that you can use for your research paper on jobs.

Research Paper Topics on Jobs

  • Look at how minimum wage has increased over the years and figure out if it is time to increase it. Find information on whether it is a living wage and what can be done to correct this.
  • Outsourcing, a good way to cut cost for the consumer or bad for employment?
  • Performance evaluations, how do they help or hurt an employee?
  • Child labor, the United States has good laws that prevent it but outsourcing has children in other countries making name brand products and we buy them.
  • Employee training is important to keep employees safe but is some companies cutting corners to save money?
  • The evolution of home based employment, how has it evolved over the years and can you make a living doing it or are most places a scam?
  • There is an epidemic in the United States not with unemployment but underemployment. Underemployment cost more tax dollars for taxpayers.
  • How does the average family that has dual careers function?
  • Working mothers are a growing population, why are more mothers going back to work after they had a baby?
  • With fewer people retiring over the past decade, what has this done to the job market?
  • Nowadays, the only way you can get a job is to do apprenticeships or internships to get experience but these jobs don’t pay or are low pay. Have big companies figured out how they can get people to work for them without paying? Should this practice be outlawed?

These topics should give you some ideas on what kind of topics you can cover in your paper about jobs. There are more topics out there; you just have to look for them. When you pick a topic for your research paper, you want to make sure you get all of the information on the subject so your paper will have all of the correct information on the topic. And start early so you can get all of the work done and it will help you write it correctly.