How To Make A Research Paper Table Of Contents In The MLA Format

The MLA format is quite useful to authors for many reasons. A major problem many writers face is the risk of plagiarism, which is the act of an author, either purposefully or my accident, using statements or pieces from another author’s published works. The MLA style grants writers the ability to effectively reference their sources while providing verifiable sources. Some even claim that constant use of this style can build a positive reputation of accountability and credibility for the author. For anyone interested in using this style, the MLA handbook can be referenced and found at most locations dealing in literature and education, like libraries and popular bookstores. Here are some simple steps to make a research paper tale of contents in the MLA format.

  1. The paper
  2. The official MLA standards require the size of pages to be used for your table of contents to be 8.5 in width and 11 inches in height.

  3. Spacing
  4. All text written should be double spaced to allow for easy reading and all margins should be one inch on all sides of your page. Tittles are to be centered with a double spacing after as well.

  5. Paragraphs
  6. Paragraphs must be indented by starting the first line of each paragraph at half an inch from the left margin. The official MLA guide recommends that the tab key be used to accomplish this space instead of pressing the space bar key five times.

  7. Headings
  8. Unless instructed to do otherwise by your teacher or professor, all headings must be made with italics and placed at the top, center of the page with a header that numbers each page in the upper right hand corner, directly on the right hand margin and starting half an inch from the top of the page. So for this example, your page number will be 1 and to the left of that will have the word ”Contents” to the center of the page, followed by a double spacing.

  9. Font
  10. Any clearly legible text font can be used, for example New Times Roman, provided the italics is distinct enough to make it clearly identifiable from its normal text. Italics must be used only for major titles of significant length or, only when absolutely necessary, to provide emphasis on a particular point or detail. The font size required is 12 and this should be maintained at all times.