Instructions On How To Create A Research Paper Literature Review

A literature review may be referred to as the pancreas of a research paper; it secretes all necessary enzymes but to a layman, it may as well be a vestigial organ. The review actually gives a clear picture of the authority of the writer on the subject as well as the theme.

Bring factors together

You may have to review the literature of the research paper taking the essential factors from the same. In most cases, it forms a significant part of the paper. It defies or rather substantiates the paper through critical analysis.

A subjective analysis

To write a literature review, you need to go through the research paper and analyze it holistically; all its segments per se. you need to assess the impact of Introduction and the actual attraction factor for you towards the subject as a writer.

Synthesizing reference materials

You also have to accumulate the actual influence of the different reference material and synthesize its qualitative impact on the paper. You need to point out the conflict zones; areas where the credibility and believability factor gets under jeopardy. You should take special notice of the junctures and analyze how they have been utilized.

Readability of the paper

You need to ascertain the carrying power of the research paper. The reader should ideally be driven to go through the entire paper at a go; propelled by the intuitive and brilliant interventions placed in the paper. The literature review assimilates all that on clever assumption.

Assessing the value

Assess whether the writing style offers substance and proper use of strong words and phrases at crucial junctures. You also need to analyze whether the research paper will be a value addition to the actual theme of the subject. It is actually important to do an impartial review; not influenced by the paper just because you have written both the paper and the review.

Merging perspectives

You need to accumulate the perspectives of scholars and learned fellows on the subject. You need to assess the feasibility of the Methodology without actually delving into the quotient. You need to be an expert reviewer cum editor, weeding out unnecessary segments of the research paper and suggesting greater emphasis on the major pointers.

Point to remember

Remember that a literature review is different from a book review, which is far more objective. Here, you have to make subjective assessments and clarify why you have taken the particular line.