Coming Up With Strong Term Paper Ideas On Domestic Violence

When teachers are searching for universal essay topics, domestic violence is always on the list. The problem has impacted most everyone in some way or another and the idea is relevant. However, as a student you want to keep the paper fresh and informative. When coming up with strong term paper ideas on domestic violence consider these sources and tips:

  • Social media-social media can give you access to current cases, some which may be very high profile; you can also see what news on various studies might be trending. Including this data in your composition is a new way to make an old topic informative and relevant. An example of this might be The NFL and Players Who Abuse.
  • Mental health studies-rather than simply recite what has been said about the situation 100 times, look for the studies on the topic and see if you can come at the topic from a new point of view. Look more at the scientific and the legal side than just the personal side.
  • Case studies- compare two similar cases studies and draw a hypothesis and conclusions. Your teacher will be impressed with this interesting angle at an old topic.
  • The history and predictors-what does the history of the topic look like? Is this behavior condoned in certain cultures? What do religious texts say about it? Go way back to ancient times to explore the topic. You could actually compare two countries and the types of incidents found there, rate of incidents, economic flags or predictors, and even the noted reasons for this behavior.
  • Do more than define-a simple description of the conduct would make for a very boring paper. This topic needs to be formatted in a compare and contrast or argumentative style paper, as opposed to a description essay.
  • Use credible sources-this topic can be quite dramatic and horrific. As you look for the best support, make sure that you use credible and valid sources.

This topic is a standard on most teachers’ essay lists. You will probably have it as a composition choice more than once in your academic career. When you are assigned a composition on this topic, consider our tips: look at social media, mental health studies, cases studies, the history of the subject, do more than simply define the term, and use valid and credible sources.