How To Come Up With An Original Topic For An Argumentative Research Paper

Preparation is a big part of writing any paper. The brain is a wonderful organ that will work for you if you let it. Instead of trying to make sure that your conscious brain does all of the work, you should take notes on your topic, make a list of things you want to cover in your paper, and then sleep on it. Let your subconscious organize things or bring together new ideas. That will save you a great deal of effort.

The same should be applied to your research phase. Once you have started the research process and conducted preliminary research on your topic, you should sleep on it and return the next day. This gives your subconscious time to think about the project and the things you have learned. It gives your subconscious time to review the information and organize it in the best way. You will find that taking one day off in between the research phase and the writing phase is the best way to attack any paper. It will make it much easier for you to start writing the following day. And of course, being rested makes all the difference.

Writing an essay in school is an important skill that you will need in order to succeed throughout high school, college, and even in the work place. While you may have to vary your paper to fit the requirements of your individual teacher or your topic, this format will help you to write a great essay. Learning how to write a standard esay can be applied to a variety of courses.

If you want to write a paper about health and nutrition, consider the following topics. These are meant to be suggestions that you can use for your paper, or you can use them to inspire your next topic:

  • Do teens still face issues with smoking?
  • Are the current anti-smoking ads ineffective?
  • Do teenagers face a big problem with drinking and driving?
  • Should schools give up on trying to promote healthy lunches for children?
  • Should adults care about the manner in which their food is prepared?
  • Should meat eating be considered unethical in its current form?
  • Is it the responsibility of the government to limit the sizes of sugar-filled drinks that can be sold on the market?
  • Should drug tests be a requirement for students?
  • Should the government legalize marijuana at the federal level?