How To Choose A Good Topic For A Medical Research Paper

If you are writing a piece on the field of medicine, then you will need to pick the perfect subject. The industry is wide and there are many options. As you look to pick that perfect idea, use our handy suggestions and hints.

How to Select a Good Topic for a Medical Research Paper

  • Narrow down the field-if you are studying this field, as you know the field is very vast, you have to get more specific. There is no way you can write on it all. Some areas you could explore are:

    • Nursing
    • Research
    • Vaccinations and the pros and cons
    • Lab work and scientists in the industry
    • New medicine or techniques
    • Closer to the cancer cure
    • Special fields
    • General study or practices
    • Emergency room-nurse, doctor, or paramedic
    • Nurse practitioner
    • Field-doctoring across borders
    • History
    • New developments
    • Drugs and prescriptions
    • Disease
    • Allergies and Today’s Child
    • Hospice
    • Nursing and retirement homes
    • School nurses

  • Once you have the field you like or are interested in, explore what you can find online. Go to appropriate websites, check newspapers and journals, and watch social media for trending news.

  • See what other people are writing about-search the filed you pick and see what other people are writing about, you could find some great ideas for a title there.

  • Step out of the box-try unusual topics or a different perspective on an old idea, but see if you can shake things up with a unique and fresh choice.

  • Keep the topic tight-the subject can’t be too broad, it is often dictated by the length of the paper that the teacher asks for in his or her instructions. You can’t write on some subjects in a two-page piece. So keep the length in mind as you explore for a subject.

  • Keep it interesting-you want the piece to be informative and interesting to your readers.

  • Catchy tools-you can use some catchy tool since you pick the subject. You can use alliteration such as: Babies and Boosters or Vast Vaccinations. You can ask a question or you can have play on words. The title can be presented in a catchy way. Remember, this is the very first thing your reader sees when he or she picks up the paper.