Choosing Interesting Biology Research Paper Topics

When biology teachers assign research papers, they want their students to learn something new so they can create a well-researched, high quality paper. Since the scientific world is constantly changing, students should be able to find plenty of excellent topics for their research paper. When it comes time to choose an interesting topic, students should look for ideas that they want to know more about and that are appropriate to the class.

Where to Look for Research Paper Topics:

There are several good places to find research paper topics. One of the best ways to find a topic is to simply conduct a search. By searching for biology research paper topics, your favorite search engine will give you more sites that you can imagine or use. Look for a site you like and dig through the list to find the topic you want.

Another useful place to find interesting research paper topics is in your biology textbook. The table of contents and the index are full of topic ideas that you can use on their own or as inspiration for more specific ideas. If you pick a topic from your textbook, you can be certain that the topic will be appropriate for the class.

You can also turn to biology blogs, articles, and specialized websites to find topics that are uniquely interesting. Biology is a fascinating subject and so many people love to write about the latest developments. The scientific community offers so many rewarding ideas for research papers and students would be foolish to overlook these resources.

Here are a few interesting topics that you could use on their own or as inspiration for other topic ideas:

  • Biological weapons and their effects on communities
  • Why Meningitis is still a mysterious illness?
  • Why do creatures need sleep?
  • How does fluoride in the water affect the human body?
  • Why is exercise so important to the human body?
  • How do alternative medical therapies work (like acupuncture, yoga, ayurveda, etc.)?
  • Is obesity genetic and how can people avoid developing it?
  • Is athletic ability genetic?
  • How does local environment affect the traits of the people who live there?
  • Are there any cures for food allergies?
  • Where do food allergies originate?
  • How are humans evolving to fit into the technology age?
  • How can marine biologists stop invasive species?
  • How do changes in marine life affect changes on the shore and further inland?