Fresh Ideas On How To Write A Research Paper For A Science Fair

Being in a science fair is so much fun when you are younger but as you get older, you have to do a little more work to be in a science fair and that includes having to write a research paper. These kinds of research papers are long and have many sections.

Sections Of A Science Fair Research Paper

  • Of course like any other paper you write you have to have your title page. This has your name, name of the projects, date, and any other information that you are suppose to put on there. Ask your teacher to make sure you have all the information.
  • Next is the abstract, which is just a short summary of what went on in your project.
  • Since it is a long research paper, you put the table of contents here so it is easier to find the sections.
  • The next part is your hypothesis, questions, and variables that happened in your project. Give a short summary of these in this part.
  • Most research papers for science fairs are written before you start your experiment so you have to include all of the background research you did for the project in this section.
  • All experiments need items to do the experiment and in this section you will give a list of the materials you used.
  • This section is all about the procedures that you used in your experiment. You want to give a step-by-step written account of what you did in your experiment and the results you think you will get.
  • Now you want to give a data analysis and discussion of all of the results that you got during your experiment. Here you want to include things like tables and graphs and any data you collected. The discussion part should tell them what you think about the experiment and discuss all that happened.
  • Then you want to write the conclusion wrapping up all of the research you did and the experiment itself.
  • Some teachers like for you to also include a section on future research that could be done on the experiment. You can write that here. Analysis all of the results that you go and see if there is more research that could be done.
  • And lastly, like in any research paper is your references or bibliography. Make sure you keep track of all of the sources you used in your research paper for this section.