Creating A Perfect Informative Research Paper Step By Step

Writing a good informative essay is a lost art. This type of research paper used to be assigned regularly, but now that nearly everything can be found online, many teachers have moved completely into the persuasive research paper assignment and away from the informative piece. Students who write informative research papers still need to take the paper seriously. They need to document their sources and try to share information that they and others will find interesting. The informative research paper should not read like an encyclopedia entry. It should be informative and insightful, too.

  1. The first step with an informative research paper is to choose a topic. Your instructor might give you guidelines for the topic and it is in your best interest to follow the guidelines. The last thing you want is to have your topic rejected after you took time to research and start writing.
  2. The second step is to conduct some preliminary research. Your topic might not have much information available, which means that you could create more work for yourself. You want a subject that is accessible and preliminary research will help you be sure about your subject.
  3. Thirdly, you should be able to create a thesis statement. It will be about the information that you research and it will help guide the flow of your research paper. The thesis statement could change based on what you find.
  4. Next, begin conducting real research on your subject. You will need to record the sources that you use so you do not have to look them up later. Many people used to use note cards to keep track of their research, but now you have several useful apps that make it easy to keep track of the information and where that information was found.
  5. Write an outline. In order to be an organized writer, you should always write an outline. It should be brief and serve as a plan for the rest of the essay you will write and research you need. The outline does not have to have Roman numerals; it can be formulated with boxes, bullets, and other typing tools.
  6. Write the research paper. After you know where everything is going, you can write the actual paper. This is a rough draft, so you should expect some errors along the way. Be sure that you include the sources you are citing and be ready to have someone edit the paper when you are finished drafting.