Picking up strong research paper topics in biology

Biology as a science is concerned with living organisms and how they function. Some may consider it one of the ‘softer’ sciences but the processes that it investigates are important to just about every aspect of our lives. Many of the most fascinating scientific discoveries the world has ever seen have been clearly linked to or definitely based in biology.

In coming up with a strong research topic in this field, you should be comfortable with considering topics that appear to straddle other related fields like medicine and chemistry. Being a purist will appeal to some professors but mixing things up creates more diverse topics and allows you more freedom to write something original. Here are some topics you can consider initially:

  1. How likely is the laboratory made meat industry to make the consumption of livestock obsolete?
  2. Can a mixture of botanical and pharmaceutical remedies slow down aging on a cellular level?
  3. How much would the field of medicinal research be impacted by the creation of human/animal hybrids?
  4. What effect does an increase in the use of bio-diesel and other ecologically sound petroleum substitutes have on animal life?
  5. Which activities exert the most profound epigenetic changes in healthy, neuro-typical adults
  6. Can cell walls in the human body be strengthened to the point where cryogenic medical intervention becomes feasible?
  7. To what extent does the presence of pheromones affect the mating behaviors of humans in societies where bathing takes place frequently?
  8. Is the release of medicined into the oceans responsible for the increased feminization of fish populations?
  9. Does bimatoprost provide a longterm solution for both male and female balding patterns?
  10. How has the lack of predation in modern society affected the evolution of the human race?
  11. To what extent can changes in diet positively affect the rate of learning and memory in neuro-typical adults?
  12. How is aging expressed in animal species that are especially long lived with little or no outward signs of aging?
  13. What physiological evidence exists to support the theory that astrological signs affect human behavior and traits?
  14. How does the lifestyle of a woman affect the offspring she carries?
  15. How does regular exposure to lye-based soaps affect the structural integrity of human skin?

This list is by no means intended to be exhaustive. Many other topics can be considered and you are welcome to come up with your own. All it takes is a bit of effort.