How To Come Up With An Interesting Topic For Your Term Paper

Is it term paper time? You will be looking to pick an interesting topic to research and write about. A great grade starts with a great essay topic, outline, and of course, thorough research, and thoughtful writing. Perhaps one of the best methods for searching out a good term paper topic is to find something that really interests you.

If You Are Interested In The Topic, Then Your Readers Will Be Too!

We always perform better when we are curious and happy to be learning about the subject at hand. If your instructor has given you free reign, and you can choose any topic you wish, you have a big advantage. Even if you have been assigned a topic, there may be a way for you to come at it from an angle that makes it original, and keeps you (and your audience's) attention.

Always check with your course supervisor if you are uncertain as to whether or not you have strayed too far off track. He or she may also be able to help you out with some suggestions if you are struggling with ideas.

Think Big, Then Narrow It Down

It may be helpful to first think of a general idea or topic that is of interest to you. Then progressively narrow it down until you have a thesis or statement that you can manage, and that will fill the requirements of your term paper assignment.

For example, if you have been asked to write a term paper for your physics course, first decide which area of physics you find the most fascinating. Perhaps it is astrophysics. That is a good first step, but still a topic so vast that you could fill a library with your thoughts on the subject!

Is there a particular physicist whose work you admire and follow? Any recent experiments that yielded surprising results? Did you find a recent lecture on black holes and “brown dwarfs” absolutely brilliant? What does astrophysicist Tadashi Nakajima have to say about “brown dwarfs”. He must have a theory, as it was his team that discovered them.

Now, we are getting somewhere! Nakajima's theory of the “brown dwarf” and it's implications for the field of astrophysics. It's a manageable topic that will catch the attention of your readers, and still stays firmly within your field of study. As it is a topic that you are familiar with, and have an interest in, you will likely write a far better paper than if the topic was one that bored you. You'll save time too, because you already have some background knowledge on the topic!