How To Write A Research Paper Body: A Step-By-Step Guide

When you are writing a research paper it is important that you note that miscellaneous observations on your topic will not be adequate to truly produce an accomplished as a period your paper needs to have an argument. This means that it should answer a question or it should attempt to prove something. What you were trying to prove or answer is considered your thesis. You must prove this thesis through reasoning and evidence especially examples and citations from academic sources. Gathering the evidence you need to prove your thesis will require a great deal of reading and research.

When your topic is assigned you may or may not have a thesis provided for you. Your thesis is not provided your first effort should be to create a thesis statement and the questions that you want to answer within the scope of your research paper. Thinking about what questions you want to answer will help you to create a provisional basis. Remember not to be too committed to your first potential thesis as you may find that as you are researching the thesis is no longer relevant or needs to be altered slightly. Make sure that you are open to revising or qualifying her thesis as your work progresses.

If your topic is not assigned, you will need to brainstorm to find an appropriate topic.

  • When you are brainstorming potential topics you should consider things you have recently read in magazines or newspapers as well as things you've recently seen in television shows. For example, if you watched a documentary on farm subsidies in Guatemala, you might be able to incorporate that exact topic for your next assignment. If you recently traveled to Italy and he saw a documentary on international relations you might be able to glean something from both items to create the perfect paper.
  • Brainstorming is effective before you choose your topic and after. Many students do not realize that the first topic they select for their assignment is not the best topic. The first topic many students select is going to be far broader than what they can actually cover in the span of their paper.

There are many ways that your argument can be presented but the organization of your paper should be designed to present the information clearly and persuasively. The organization first to how your research paper begins, developed, and how it ends. The order in which you discovered each part of your paper is not likely to be an effective order for presenting information.