How To Write A-Grade Research Papers On Free Market: Basic Tips

When your teacher assigns an essay on free market economics, it's natural to feel overwhelmed. Even thought you may live in a country with a free market you've never actually critically thought about it. Here are several steps to follow in order to ensure you get the best grade possible:

  1. Step 1: Brainstorm: The most important step. You need to come up with an argument related to the free market before you start writing. Take as much time to think of a good idea as you need.

    If you teacher is giving you a topic, then you can freewrite about how you are going to create your argument.

  2. Step 2: Develop a Thesis Statement: A thesis tells readers what you are going to be arguing or proving in your essay.

    An example: "Using statistical, historical, and journalistic sources, we'll see how a free market economy helped West Germany while the command economy hindered the growth of East Germany post-World War II."

  3. Step 2: Research: Before you even start researching, be sure to check with your teacher to find out how many primary and secondary sources they want and how they want them cited. You can use a website like to get right citation format and bibliography.

    The following places are acceptable to find sources:

    1. Online,
    2. Library (at your school or elsewhere), or
    3. Academic databases.

    Tip: While wikipedia does have useful info, most teachers frown upon using it since it can be edited by anyone. What you can do is refer to the sources that the wiki uses in your essay.

  4. Step 4: Outline Your Essay: With a thesis and relevant sources to prove it you now need to organize you ideas in logical manner with an outline. Here's the classic outline format:
    • Introductory Paragraph: Give brief background information about the topic. Next present the thesis and end it with a transitional sentence to the first body paragraph.
    • Body Paragraph 1: This should contain the strongest proof of your thesis. If your proof is weak you risk losing credibility.
    • Body Paragraph 2, etc: Add extra body paragraphs for other points.
    • Conclusion: Write in same style as introduction and restate the thesis.

With this information above you have a solid template to make an essay on free market that your teach will like. Good luck!