What Makes A Good Term Paper Abstract On Communication

If your term paper research on communication is completed, you still have some work to do. You should write a short summary of your work called an abstract. This brief piece of writing should provide the key information about your research and make the readers want to learn more about your findings.

How to Compose a Typical Abstract

In both the social sciences and humanities, a typical abstract includes the following basic components. First, you should provide a problem statement, explaining why the readers should care about the problem. For example, you can mention that mass media significantly influence the public opinion in your community.

Second, you need to clearly explain what you did in order to complete your research. For example, you have interviewed 50 people from your area or analyzed the results of several independent exit polls.

Another vital element of your abstract is a description of your main findings and their implications. You can draw a conclusion that the results of elections of your city major were heavily influenced by the debates and analyze what mistakes the losing candidate made.

What a Great Abstract Should Look Like

There are some distinctive qualities that make a good term paper abstract on communication. They include the following:

  1. The abstract consists of one or two well-developed paragraphs.
  2. The text is unified and concise.
  3. The writing is following the term paper’s structure: an introduction, body sections, and a conclusion and discussion.
  4. There are logical connections between the provided material.
  5. All the terms and concepts are understandable.
  6. There is no new information. The text is simply a summary of your work.
  7. A wide audience will understand what your paper is about.
  8. Active verbs are used whenever possible.
  9. A sentence structure varies, but all the sentences are complete.
  10. The text is mistake-free, formatted according to the requirements of your school.

After the abstract, you should provide a short list of the keywords. It is recommended that you provide from three to five keywords that identify your research problem and can be used by the readers when they are looking for more information related to your research topic.

It is a good idea to find a sample term paper abstract on communication and study it carefully. You can use it as a template to make the writing process a bit easier. The best examples can be found on the websites of your school’s library and academic writing center.