How To Come Up With Interesting Developmental Psychology Term Paper Topics

Usually, instructors don’t assign topics for term papers, which can have both advantages and disadvantages. On one hand, you are free to pick any topic that relates somehow to the ongoing course. On the other hand, you can feel confused because you don’t know how to choose a suitable and manageable topic. The following tips will help you in this latter case.

  1. Choose a topic to your liking.
  2. You are going to spend some time on your term paper, so it is necessary to find a topic that is interesting to you. Developmental psychology covers the entire human lifespan, so you have a great deal of topics to choose from.

  3. Narrow down the subject.
  4. To understand what you want to focus on, you need to narrow down a broad topic like developmental psychology into more specific areas, for example, by life stages. So, you focus on some periods, from pre-natal development to old age. If you decide in favor of adolescence, you can write about problems like the generation gap or transitional age. Alternatively, you can choose early adulthood and focus on relationships between men and women.

  5. Conduct some background research.
  6. As soon as it becomes clear about what area of developmental psychology your investigation will take place, you need to find some information about it. It will help you get some concrete ideas about the topic. Additionally, it is necessary to see if you can find enough materials for your research, as well as if there is anything left for you to investigate in this area.

  7. Ask a research question.
  8. Already having a basis, you can now form a research question that will help you create a tentative topic for your term paper. For example, your area is adolescence psychology and you are interested in a topic such as bullying. So, the question can be the following: “How does bullying affect personality?”

  9. Search for topics on the Web.
  10. Now, it is extremely easy to find ready examples of topics on the Internet. Look for some particular topics on research papers catalogs, online journals, informative articles, university websites, etc.

Examples of some interesting topics:

  • The impact of cartoons on children's behaviors.
  • Interpersonal conflicts in the communications between teenagers.
  • Psychological reactions of the difficulties of preteens.
  • A family’s upbringing and its impact on a child.
  • Are school uniforms important?
  • Personality characteristics of an elderly person.
  • Is being a part of a subculture bad?
  • How can grades influence a child’s self-judgment?
  • The conscequences of sexting among teenagers.