How To Write An Effective Research Paper: A Step-By-Step Tutorial For Beginners

Writing an effective research paper as a beginner is simple. You need clear directions that will help you write your paper with good content. In most cases you want something easy to follow to assist you in producing content without frustrations. The following points offer a basic idea of what steps you can take to produce a good research paper on your chosen topic.

  • Read guidelines.
  • Read directions carefully for your research paper. One reason why many students have problems with their assignments is from lack of understanding. Review instructions and get clarification from a colleague or instructor before proceeding.

  • Choose topic.
  • Select a topic you want to write about that is of interest. You can do some light research to help you find something suitable. You can brainstorm possible ideas and get feedback from your instructor on your final option.

  • Define thesis statement.
  • Your thesis statement is the purpose behind your paper. You will define this along with your research question. Your thesis should be clearly understood. You should provide enough detail to give readers probable cause. They should be able to understand why you want to discuss this topic. If you’re not clear on what your statement should be or how it should be written you can find sample papers and review statements and content here.

  • Make source list.
  • Your list of sources should include reputable options with up to date information. You can use anything necessary to help you make your point with your paper. Dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedia, the internet, and other sources are common. You should also have notecards or a notebook to help you collect data and cite sources.

  • Create outline.
  • The outline will be a big help later when you start writing your paper. This is the beginning portion of your paper with sections and smaller parts. You will use it to define evidence and points of discussion for your topic.

  • Write rough draft.
  • Pull together your findings and start writing your paper. You will learn if you have enough information to write a complete research paper. You can go back later and revise content for clarity.

  • Finalize and edit.
  • After writing your rough draft you can finalize your work. Make sure citations are correct and formatting is completed properly. Proofread your work and check for any errors.