African American History Research Paper Topics: How To Come Up With Strong Ones

The national history of United States of America is not complete without the African Americans. They were a tribe native to America and most of them were not present in the country by their own will. The early history of Africans in America mostly talks about the slavery and forceful work impositions. It was the oppression of blacks and the denial to the access of most basic rights that led Abraham Lincoln to inspire for a better America. Martin Luther king is a famous name in the black history as he continued to struggle for the rights and living standards for the blacks. All these leaders did their best and with support from the nation, they were able to succeed in gaining equal rights for African Americans. Even though the racism between whites and blacks, still persists but it is unnoticeable as compared to what it was during the 50’s. If you are to write a research paper on the African American history, you can divide it into three major stages and choose the one that suits you the best.

The pre civil war era

This era will mostly talk about the slavery of the Africans, the denial to basic rights, the prejudice, and everything that led to the civil war. It will also include movements and leaders that spread awareness in people and laid foundation for the rights of African Americans.

Civil war and its movements

The civil war stands as one of the most important milestone in American history. You can discuss the people involved, the leaders in south, the people of North American in civil war, the sacrifices of the Africans. Remember that the focus of your paper should not be civil war, but it should be the role of blacks in civil war.

Post civil war and the present America

This is the time after the civil war was over until today. You have a variety of options to write about in this section.

To be able to choose a strong topic for your paper in African history, you need to

  • Research
  • Brainstorm
  • Discard the first few ideas
  • Rehrase and edit your brainstorming results
  • Combine your research and ideas to get a strong topic
  • Make sure the topic is free of grammatical errors
  • Allow no space for typos or spelling errors