10 Interesting Project Management Term Paper Ideas

Sometimes you are lucky enough to get a list of term paper ideas for your Project Management course from your professor, but other times you may not be so lucky. You may need to tap into a few ideas, so that even if you don’t use them they may actually give you some inspiration for ideas of your own.

  1. Projects that use a multicultural setting. This idea can be really interesting, especially if you have some inside information. If you consider that around the holiday season there are a variety of different multicultural celebrations varying from Dawaili, to Hanukah, to Thanks giving to Christmas (which is celebrated in different ways in different parts of the world). Take a slightly different slant, which will add pizzazz and added interest.

  2. What about an in-depth look at the way that projects are managed in already well-established organizations. Do they have a particular set-up for their projects, do all of their projects meet this required set up. What parts of the format do you thing are transferable to a project that you may manage. Is the format based on practices used by another organization?

  3. How well can projects that are successful in one organization be used by an international company? Is there a particular framework that could be used to apply the management of these projects on an international level?

  4. How can the decision making process that is ongoing in any organization be applied to an inter-agency teamwork frame? What would work well and what would need some input and training?

  5. There is usually a ‘plan’ when it comes to project management within an organization, but how can the process be improved? What barriers need to be put aside? What evidence would you need?

  6. We are taught the theory of project management, but in real life situations does it work? What skills re needed at management level to make the progression from theory to practice.

  7. If a project is very complex, how does this impact on the delivery of the project? What knowledge is needed to simplify the project and make it work successfully?

  8. What is the difference between a ‘project’ and ‘operations’? in what way do they differ? What are the similarities?

  9. A discussion of the career pathways that a Project Manager may take. What options are there? What are the transferable skills to work in other careers?

  10. In general terms do organizations actually do a standard review of the way that they handle their projects and if they do, are the reviews implemented?