Ten Best Places To Look For A Free Research Paper On Stress

When you need to find a free research paper on stress, you will be practically spoiled for choice as there are a great many sources for you to explore. Here is the top ten of them:

  1. Free online databases.
  2. This should be your first stop as these websites carry such a huge number of papers that you will definitely find something you like. The only problem here is that many of these databases don’t invest much effort in monitoring the quality of their files. Therefore, some of the essays you download from there are bound to be full of mistakes. Be very careful and consider all the rules and guidelines for writing academic research papers before you copy anything from these files.

  3. School websites.
  4. Many official school websites offer some of their students’ papers for free download so that the other students can use them as examples. It may be difficult to find an essay on stress here, but it’s worth a try.

  5. Online journals.
  6. Many of them publish high quality samples you can use for your project, so look for psychology and health journals. As stress is a pressing issue in society today, you should be able to find plenty of articles about it.

  7. Other students.
  8. You can contact them online or offline and ask to see their own works to use in your research. If you do this, don’t forget to credit the author of the essay in your reference list.

  9. Teachers.
  10. Your teacher should have a few papers on hand. You can ask to see them under the pretense of understanding the assignment better.

  11. Custom writing companies.
  12. These firms offer free samples. However, you cannot control the topic of the example you get, so it may not be stress-related. In any case, you can learn a lot from an essay written by a qualified and experienced professional.

  13. Freelance writers.
  14. Like custom writing firms, these specialists provide examples. You can usually see some of them on the writer’s profile page when you search through various freelancing databases.

  15. Libraries.
  16. Works written by students over the years are stored in the archives you can access through the school library.

  17. Professional publications.
  18. Medical journals should have quite a few stress-related research articles published, so be sure to look them up in your local library.

  19. Academic writing portals.
  20. These websites are designed for students and have plenty of helpful articles as well as a great number of free papers you can use as samples.