Writing A Cover Page For A Chicago Research Paper: 5 Points To Keep In Mind

You are already done with writing and editing your research paper but yet to start working on the cover page. The delay is simply because you are confused on how to write your cover page using the Chicago style. You really need to impress your tutor by submitting well-written and properly formatted research paper but the cover page is becoming a very big issue. Not to worry, you have come to the right page and by the time you are through with reading this article, you should have a good knowledge of what goes into the cover page of your Chicago research paper and how it goes.

It is not out of place for your tutor to expect properly formatted academic papers and the best you can do in this case is to follow certain guidelines. In writing your paper’s cover page, here are the five points you should keep in mind in order to write a cover page that would be acceptable to your tutor. These points are as follows:

  • The Position Of The Title: The title of your research paper should be typed approximately one-third of the way down your title page. Take note that the title should not be underlined or written in block letters.
  • Your Name: This should be typed half-way down the title page, centred.
  • Course Title: This comes at two-third of the way down your page.
  • Instructor’s Name: This comes immediately after the course title, on double spacing.
  • Date: The date on your research paper title page should be written in this format - Month, Day, and Year. For example, September 24, 2015.

Those are the main five points you should keep in mind when writing your research paper’s title page in Chicago style. Also, the normal and accepted font type if Times New Roman at font size number 12. The requirement is that your cover page remains as simple as possible and as such, you should not make use of fancy fonts or try to bold the fonts used. Your cover page is never included in an academic paper’s page count and for this reason, you should avoid inserting a page number on the particular page.

If you keep to these tips, you would surely make the most of composing the cover page of your research paper. If you need further help, it would interest you to know that I’ve found this site very helpful.